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Marc Varri

Managing Director Europe & Latin America

Marc Varri is the managing Director of European Operations for V2 Global overseeing all business intelligence, risk management, special advisory, cyber security and security protection projects in Europe. Marc is a highly accomplished security and intelligence professional with more than 25 years of investigative experience with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Intelligence Community. During his FBI career, he served almost ten years as the Legal Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid acting as the senior FBI and Department of Justice official responsible for all aspects of governmental policy and law enforcement relations for Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra. In this position, he was responsible for fostering strategic partnerships with the host country, multi-lateral partners and other U.S. law enforcement, intelligence and security services, as well as coordinating investigative, intelligence collection and enforcement operations in the region.

Marc’s areas of expertise include national security, criminal and organized crime investigations, as well as institutional threat and risk assessments covering financial, technological, political and security risks. He has worked in cyber security and fraud matters for private companies and in criminal investigations with corporate security personnel at high profile companies with an international footprint. Since retiring, he has also served as a Law Enforcement Expert for the European Union’s EUROPOL in a specialized counterterrorism project.

Marc served with the FBI in Philadelphia, San Juan, and Miami, holding management positions coordinating international terrorism investigations globally and investigative activity with foreign and U.S. government, military, law enforcement and intelligence services. He has coordinated national security, terrorism, counterintelligence and counter-proliferation as well as cyber investigations in hacktivists, criminal cybercrimes, and state-actor intrusions.

Marc also led one of the FBI specialized Extraterritorial Units coordinating the FBI’s response to terrorist attacks, hostage takings and homicides of U.S. citizens in Central and South America. As a certified hostage/crisis negotiator, and police instructor, Marc was deployed to numerous high-risk environments successfully intervening on behalf of governmental and private organizations and private citizens. As a native Spanish speaker, Marc served temporary duty assignments in Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, as well as Haiti, Egypt and Ireland.


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