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Newsletter - Jan 2021

Updated: Feb 19

V2 Global Continues to Assist its Clients Through Complex Times

At V2 Global, we have substantially expanded our global operations and businesses to better assist our clients through these uncertain and complicated times. We are assisting clients in managing the current crisis including obtaining Medical Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and have expanded our corporate and personal security service offering. At the same time, we continue to provide our core services executing global solutions for all kinds of complex issues and circumstances in the areas of crisis and risk management and business intelligence.


Medical Personal Protective Equipment

As part of V2 Global’s Crisis Management program and diverse expertise, V2 Global has assisted institutions such as the State of Florida and some major national and international corporations in obtaining medical personal protective equipment (PPE). We have sourced and vetted manufacturers including the supply chain from China, Latin America, and other regions with V2 local experts in this fast-changing regulatory landscape. We have helped our clients to meet their PPE-supply goals, while also protecting their investment.

The necessity of being able to obtain PPE rapidly must be balanced with the proper judgment to be able to act fast, not only in obtaining the supplies but also in establishing payment vehicles and delivery protocols. V2 Global has assisted many clients to navigate through these challenges.


Security Services

At V2 Global, our principals, professionals, and advisors have years of experience in corporate security, law enforcement and dignitary protection. We pride ourselves with tailored protection programs through our assorted security services, including executive protection, event security, guard services and residential and corporate surveillance. During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we are helping clients deal with the anticipated increase in crime and reduction in law enforcement resources.

Our security strategies, along with our global reach with operating experience in every continent across the world, allows us to meet our clients’ protection demands no matter what the threat or potential threat may be.

Crisis and Risk Management Services

Obtaining PPE for states and major corporations is just one example of how V2 Global is successfully assisting our clients with crisis management and risk mitigation. We strive to always be prepared and focus on both pre-incident planning and post-incident response in order to manage every situation accordingly. In pre-incident planning, we conduct threat assessments, resilience testing, as well as cyber and security audits. Post-incident response includes investigating the root causes, assisting with public relations and messaging, as well as program development. We employ the most advanced investigators, crisis public relations professionals, and experienced legal advisors around the globe. We specialize in eradicating the threat, mitigating damage and delivering the remedy.

Business Intelligence

With V2 Global’s access to information sources all over the world, coupled with leading research analysts and analytical tools, we assist our client in making informed business decisions. We continue to assist our clients with numerous services, including due diligence and market entry support, competitor intelligence, brand protection, ethics and recovery.


V2 Global’s Latest Achievements

  • Chief Donald De Lucca continues to assist Bola Wrap to supply Police Departments nationwide with non-lethal restraint devices.

  • V2 Global supplied the Florida Division of Emergency Management with KN-95 masks.

  • V2 Global was an integral part of the Central American Economic Community (CAEC) kick-off meeting organized by the Fundación Libertad y Desarollo in Guatemala. V2 liaisoned with key U.S. and international agencies.

  • V2 Global recently performed the due diligence on two large multi-national tech acquisitions.

  • V2 Global conducted a fraud investigation in Latin America resulting in a multi-million-dollar recovery.


About V2 Global

V2 Global is a risk mitigation and management firm specializing in investigatory and strategic advisory services in the areas of business intelligence and crisis management. It executes solutions for complex issues and circumstances around the world. V2 Global’s areas of expertise include:

• Transactional Due Diligence

• Competitor Intelligence

• Brand Protection

• Global Asset Tracing and Recovery

• Surveillance and Investigations

• Ethics and Compliance

• Regulatory Audits

• Litigation Support Services

• Litigation Funding Assessment Support

• Criminal and Civil Expert Testimony

• PPE Expertise and Litigation Support

• Family Office Support

• Cyber Intelligence, Protection and Investigations

• FCPA and Antitrust Investigations

• Cyber and Security Audits

• Resilience Testing and Business Continuity Planning

• Insider Threat Assessments

• Eavesdropping Countermeasures and Sweeps

• Root Cause Investigation and Forensics

• Public Relations and Messaging

• Public Safety Market Entry

• Corporate Strategy

• Business Development Planning and Guidance

• Consent Decree Support

• Cannabis Compliance

• Law Enforcement and Public Safety Policy and Monitoring

• Personal and Corporate Security and Protection Services

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