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Geoge Piro

Board of Advisors

George is a member of V2 Global’s Board of Advisors where he directs domestic and international projects and operations. George has 30 years of federal and local law enforcement experience, culminating in the role of Assistant Director of International Operations of the FBI and Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Miami office. At V2 Global, George provides operational oversight and advice for all aspects of national and international businesses involving business intelligence, counterterrorism, crisis management, financial institutions, multinational corporations, money laundering and security.​

As the Assistant Director of the International Operation Division of the FBI, George directed FBI global operations by leading the FBI’s Legal Attaché Program, which maintains locations in 90 countries around the world. As Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Miami office, the FBI’s fourth largest field office, George was responsible for overseeing FBI Miami’s counterterrorism, criminal, Cyber, and counterintelligence programs while simultaneously providing leadership to the office’s 900 plus employees. As one of the FBI’s four offices with extraterritorial responsibility, he was also instrumental in ensuring the FBI’s mission to protect the American people extended overseas, specifically in the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Notably, George was selected as the team leader and interrogator for the FBI team responsible for the interrogation of Saddam Hussein. This marked the first time in FBI history that the FBI interrogated a significant head of state in his own home country. During this time, George spent seven months leading the interrogation of Saddam Hussein and other key figures within the former Iraqi regime. George is also an FBI certified Intelligence Officer and is widely recognized as a subject matter expert in Counterterrorism and the Middle East.

George holds a Master's Degree from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in Security Studies, with a concentration in International Terrorism. He also holds a Master's Certificate in Arab Studies and is fluent in Arabic. George is a top world ranked MMA and Jujitsu competitor.


True Global Reach

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