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Richard Ross, Jr.

Public Policy & Law Enforcement

Commissioner Richard Ross, Jr. manages domestic operations, as well as public safety and policing monitoring and consulting assignments at V2 Global.Richard is the former Police Commissioner of Philadelphia and has over thirty-one years of law enforcement experience. He is an expert in community policing and its power to effect change and a proponent in advanced police training and the use of innovative non-lethal devices.

As Police Commissioner of Philadelphia, Richard headed the fourth largest police department in the nation with more than 6,500 sworn officers and 800 civilian members. His expertise expands to all areas of law enforcement and policing having worked and commanded various distinct units ranging from Patrol, Special Operations and the Detective Bureau to Homicide and Internal Affairs. helped to lead the department's commitment to reform and accountability and championed community partnerships and the use of technology and data to support smart, effective and respectful policing.

Prior to his appointment to Commissioner, Richard served as First Deputy Commissioner of Field Operations. As First Deputy Commissioner, his command included Patrol Operations, Homeland Security Domestic Preparedness, Special Operations, Detective Bureau, Labor Relations, Community Relations, Criminal Intelligence, Command Inspections Bureau and the Mayor's Security Detail.

During his tenure in Philadelphia, the city successfully hosted the Democratic National Convention, the Eagles Superbowl Parade and the NFL draft. In addition, the police department changed the way police shootings were investigated and added additional training, resulting in a significant decline in officer involved shootings. Moreover, the department expanded its use of body cameras and reduced the number of physical abuse complaints against police. To date, the Philadelphia Police Department is the largest department in the nation to successfully complete Collaborative Reform with the United States Justice Department.

Richard is the recipient of numerous awards and citations, including the Gary P. Hayes Award for Excellent in Policing and the Dawn's Place Champion Award for his work to abolish human trafficking.

Richard has an undergraduate degree in Labor & Industrial Relations from Penn State University and a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice from Saint Joseph's University. He is a graduate of the Northwestern School of Police Staff and Command, the F.B.I. National Academy, the National Executive Institute, and the Police Executive Leadership Institute. He also earned a leadership certificate from Harvard Kennedy School.


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