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Simon Palacios

Regional Director of Latin America
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Simon Palacios is the Regional Director of Latin America at V2 Global, specializing in Latin American risk prevention, crisis management, and business intelligence. His area of responsibility includes advising multinational corporations throughout the region on matters of enterprise security, risk mitigation, anti-illicit trade, personal protection, and investigations. Simon is a leading professional in the management of integral security business and projective analysis of security situations, including physical security, training, and creating strategic plans to reduce the impact of threats and vulnerabilities to solidify corporate strategies.

Prior to joining V2 Global, Simon had several prominent positions at various leading global risk mitigation firms including Defense System Colombia (Armor Holdings, Inc.) Pilgrim Security & Risk Management, Verasys, Andrews International, and Allied Universal. His career started as an officer with the Colombian National Army working mostly in military intelligence.

Simon is internationally certified in Terrorism and Political Violence from the University of St Andrews, United Kingdom, also he has received diplomas in Security Management from the New Granada Military University with a focus in Security Administration. He is also a certified BASC auditor, an Internal Auditor in Integral Management of Health, Security, Environmental, and Quality (HSEQ) for the Colombian Security Council, and accredited as a Consultant by the Superintendence of Private Security.

Simon has served many roles in security and risk prevention including Assistant Operations Manager at Makro de Colombia where he led efforts for projects of the National Operations Directorate for physical and electronic security programs nationwide. He was also an Air Safety Operations Di nationwide.  Defense System Colombia for clients such as American Airlines and Delta. He has also worked as the Security Loss Control and Brand Protection Manager for Schering Plough SA and Merck Sharp & Dohme, as well as the Regional Security Manager for Panamco Colombia and the Project Manager for G4S Secure Solutions Colombia S.A. Simon also worked at the United States Embassy where he was responsible for the administration of all security resources.

While at Verasys, Andrews International, and Allied Universal, he supervised and coordinated many corporate investigations, business intelligence, and risk management assignments through Latin America.

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