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Newsletter - Fall 2021

Updated: Feb 19

V2 Global has expanded its operations and service verticals. More importantly, V2 welcomed four new senior members to the team to support our global risk mitigation services.

M&A Advisory Support

We have been involved in a substantial number of corporate transaction related matters, including transactional support for several M&A’s and strategic advice in a proxy contest involving a hostile takeover of a public company. In addition to the strategic advice, all these matters were supported with investigative fact finding and due diligence services to a successful conclusion.

Litigation Support & Asset Tracing

V2 continues to provide litigation support to a large number of law firms. One of the primary litigation support services include asset tracing, which we perform on a global scale by conducting financial investigations and source inquiries to identify

assets controlled by suspects around the world.

Law Enforcement and Public Safety Advisory Team

The establishment of aLaw Enforcement Advisory Teamthat assists police departments around the country and the world addressing today’s challenges in policing through organizational reviews, policy development, expanding monitoring and aggregating technology for strategic solutions.

Year in Review

We are proud to say that V2 Global had a very good year. Business flourished in 2022 not only on our well-established areas of expertise such as business intelligence, investigations, litigation support, compliance, computer forensics, and cyber security, but also in new service verticals that we have been adding since 2021, including, corporate strategy, law enforcement, public safety policy and monitoring, law enforcement advisory including security products and technology, public event security, in addition to criminal and civil expert testimony.

Expansion and a New Team Member

V2 Global has welcomed two new prominent members of the Advisory Board:

Dr. Dionisio Gutiérrez and Kelly Johnstone.

Dr. Gutierrez is the founder of Fundación Libertad y Desarrollo. He was Corporate President of Corporación Multi-Inversiones (CMI) for over 33 years, Director of Banco de Occidente and Vice President of Banco Reformador.

Kelly Johnstone started her career as a special agent with NCIS and US Customs and then spent 20 years at Coca Cola as Chief Security Officer and strategy advisor.

V2 Global also welcomed senior operational managers: Raymond A. Martinez as a critical member of the Law Enforcement Advisory Group and security consulting practice and John Schettino who will head our corporate security advisory practice.

Ray Martinez worked a career at the Miami Police Department to eventually become the Chief of Police at the Miami Beach Police Department. He is also the Executive Director of The Miami Super Bowl Committee.

John Schettino was formerly a Special Agent with the FBI. He then worked in senior management for such prominent companies as Marriot, Diageo International, TranSystems International and at BankAtlantic.

Service Verticals

  • Corporate Strategy to assist and provide support, strategic advice and business intelligence services in corporate transactions (whether hostile or friendly)

  • Law Enforcement and Public Safety Policy Advisory Group to assist police departments and governmental bodies with the new challenges facing policing.

  • Litigation Support - Asset Tracing assisting law firms and clients providing a list of services including global asset tracing.

  • Cyber Security & Forensics responding to an upsurge in hacking and spoofing specifically in transactions including real estate, and other acquisitions.


About V2 Global

V2 Global is a risk mitigation and management firm specializing in investigatory and strategic advisory services in the areas of business intelligence and crisis management. It executes solutions for complex issues and circumstances around the world. V2 Global’s areas of expertise include:

• Transactional Due Diligence

• Competitor Intelligence

• Brand Protection

• Global Asset Tracing and Recovery

• Surveillance and Investigations

• Ethics and Compliance

• Regulatory Audits

• Litigation Support Services

• Litigation Funding Assessment Support

• Criminal and Civil Expert Testimony

• PPE Expertise and Litigation Support

• Family Office Support

• Cyber Intelligence, Protection and Investigations

• FCPA and Antitrust Investigations

• Cyber and Security Audits

• Resilience Testing and Business Continuity Planning

• Insider Threat Assessments

• Eavesdropping Countermeasures and Sweeps

• Root Cause Investigation and Forensics

• Public Relations and Messaging

• Public Safety Market Entry

• Corporate Strategy

• Business Development Planning and Guidance

• Consent Decree Support

• Cannabis Compliance

• Law Enforcement and Public Safety Policy and Monitoring

• Personal and Corporate Security and Protection Services

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