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Newsletter - May 2024

Updated: May 31

V2 News

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V2 Global New Website

Strategic Alliance Bunker Global

A Global Intelligence & Security Alliance

Bunker Global Advisory (BGA) is a specialized firm offering a broad range of services in investigation, intelligence, and private security. With more than three decades of professional experience, BGA addresses complex security challenges for both individuals and businesses worldwide. The company is renowned for its ability to provide immediate action through a vast international network, enabling simultaneous investigations across over forty countries. Their approach combines meticulous information gathering and analysis to devise effective strategies, whether preventive or reactive.

The BGA team includes experts in fraud investigation, law, industrial security, and cybersecurity, all of whom are continuously updating their skills to stay at the forefront of their fields. Equipped with advanced technological tools, such as forensic analysis software and counterintelligence devices, BGA ensures reliable, fast, and secure services. Their offerings range from intellectual property protection and litigation support to corporate security and digital forensics, all underscored by a commitment to trust, honesty, and direct client engagement. DC Page, Managing Shareholder of V2 Global, commented: “We have known and worked with Toni Tamarit and his team at Bunker for many years. We are excited that our firms formalized this valuable alliance to better and more efficiently serve our clients worldwide.”

Toni Tamarit, CEO of Bunker Global Advisory, said: “I am extremely delighted to form an alliance with V2 Global that expands the reach and capacity of our respective firms. Our respective clients will be the true beneficiaries of the V2 Global Bunker alliance.”

Bunker Global Advisory Logo

Meet V2's Team

Toni Tamarit

Toni manages international operations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In addition to V2 Global, Toni is the CEO of Bunker Global Advisory. Based in Spain, he has university training in criminology, private investigations with military experience in the Cavalry Corps, and licenses granted by the Ministry of the Interior as a Private Detective, Security Director, and Chief of Security. He also ran a business consulting firm in Madrid for 12 years. Toni is an expert in intelligence and business intelligence, collaborating with various agencies at both the private and official levels.

Toni Tamarit


Events Attended

  • ICC FraudNet. International Conference & Meeting - British Virgin Islands.

DC Page took the stage as a speaker

DC Page Speaking during ICC FraudNet in the Virgin Island

DC Page, Managing Shareholder at V2 Global, provided invaluable insights into the evolving realm of fraud detection, the pressing issue of deep fakes, and their implications for fraudulent activities. With AI technologies increasingly harnessed to perpetrate sophisticated frauds, the need for vigilance and proactive measures has never been more apparent.

  • Police Week, Washington, DC.

  • Offshore Alert, Miami - read more

  • NAWLEE 2024 Conference, Las Vegas

  • IACC Annual Conference 2024, Orlando - read more

  • Council of International Investigators Europe Regional

  • Meeting, Barcelona, España.


Upcoming Events

ICC FraudNet & ICC Spain 2nd joint seminar. Navigating the Future of Arbitration, Competition Law and Asset Recovery.

ICC FraudNet Navigating The Future of Arbitration, Competition Law & Asset Recovery in Madrid Spain Sponsored by V2 Global

June 08, 2024 - Madrid, España - ÉCIJA Abogados


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